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Life Hacks: 

Get the web to unclutter your day

Not enough hours in the day? Well then, let’s make a couple more. With the right apps and internet savvy you can dial down the whirlwind of modern life and streamline your entire day from the alarm going off in the morning until lights out at night. Just follow these simple steps to make the web your humble servant rather than your master, and you’ll still be living life to the full in half the time.

Rise and Shine!

Sunrise calendar

“Good morning! Would you like me to pop the kettle on? Yes / No”. This is how the iKettle wakes you up. No, it doesn’t share your bed with you, it connects to your smartphone. Just tap Yes, and it’ll boil while you rouse yourself and check out what you have to do today. We suggest doing this on either Wunderlist – one of the best to-do list organizer apps out there – and also Sunrise Calendar, which keeps your days in beautiful order. Taking your time? No biggie, your iKettle can keep your water at the perfect temperature for half an hour.

Pre-work gym session

seven minute workout2

Hitting the gym for an hour before work often requires rising well before the sun, but what if you could get an hour’s workout in just 7 minutes? That’s what 7 Minute Workout Challenge promises, tailoring bursts of high-intensity training with short rest intervals, resulting in a higher daily metabolism and leaving you with enough time to shower properly. It’s $1.99 on iTunes or $1.75 on Google Play, where it’s also one of Google’s best apps of 2014.

Put emails in their place


There’s no longer any excuse for having an icon flashing “20,309 unread messages” at you, causing your blood pressure to rise every time you look at your smartphone. With the Mailbox app by Dropbox, your inbox can be fun, fast and manageable. Swipe messages to archives or trash, snooze emails until later with one tap, view long conversations as if they’re nothing more than a casual Facebook chat… it’s clever and clear, and you need it.

Lunch break

Do you really need to check EVERYTHING during lunch? Your soup is getting cold. But you don’t want to just go completely offline (what would happen?!) so instead use an app called (OFFTIME) – Life Unplugged. It lets you create profiles that block calls, texts and notifications, while allowing you to make exceptions for people you might actually want to hear from. You won’t miss anything, as it’ll keep a list of everything that happened while you were relaxing.

Afternoon meetings

notes plus

Do you still like the old style of taking notes – ie writing down a few lines at the start of a meeting and then doodling any other important points for the remainder? Notes Plus lets you do that without the stacks of wasted A4 pads building up on your desk. Using a vector-based system, your handwritten notes are turned to text which you can link to your sketches simply by drawing a circle around them.

Home time commute

Pocket List

Pocket is ideal for those articles you’ve spotted during the working day but haven’t had time to explore. Instead of keeping stacks and stacks of browsers and tabs open on your smartphone or tablet, simply ‘Pocket’ articles, videos or webpages with quick taps and you can view them later in a slickly presented list – even when offline – on the subway home.


Chillies body

OK, so, you often want something quick for your evening meal, but you never want to go to the store and you hate waste. In flies Supercook. Named as one of TIME’s 50 best websites of 2014, it lets you select or enter any ingredients that happen to be in your pantry and then throws a heap of tasty recipes at you from all around the web. We selected just tomatoes and cheese, and the variety of ideas was impressive.

Bedtime reading


Do you surf around the same old websites for an hour before you actually find something to read in bed? Zite can fix that. An intelligent magazine app, it learns what you like, gets smarter the more you read and then, after analysing millions of pages each day, presents you with fresh articles that might suit your taste; a whole new world of different funny cat pictures awaits!

Goodnight, and don’t forget to fill your iKettle…

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