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5 easy ways to earn money with apps

Apps have been known to train your brain, plan your summer holiday and even make the world a better place – but did you know that app stores can also provide ways to earn money? Granted, there’s no such thing as free cash, but in some cases earning a few extra dollars is as simple as continuing your good habits, answering surveys or ignoring a few adverts.

Unless you’re a developer, then you’re probably on the wrong side of the app store to make your millions here, but here’s a few ways to top up your bank balance using your smartphone.

5 ways to earn money with apps

1. TaskRabbit


To put it simply, TaskRabbit offers a huge variety of ways to earn money in exchange for completing jobs around your local community – including everything from grocery shopping to assembling IKEA furniture, Tasks are first posted by users through the app, and it’s then up to the “tasker” to decide what to take on and if the price is right – hourly rates start at around $30 per hour.

Download TaskRabbit for Android or iOS.

2. Pact


Pact won’t just earn you money, it’ll help you lose weight too. Unfortunately, it’s not quite as simple as installing it and sitting back, watching the weight disappear from your belly and into your wallet. The catch is that you have to decide exactly how much you’re going to exercise and then stick to it. Pact generally rewards between $0.30 and $5 should you meet your goal – which is great if you were going to do be doing the exercise anyway – but you’ll have to pay the same amount should you fail to hit your target.

Download for Android or iOS.

3. Foap


Foap is an app that could earn you money by simply taking photos. People working in the media need images all the time, so upload your best shots to this database and, if selected, you could earn around $10 per usage. Who knows, you might just get your cat on the front page of the paper in the process.

Download for Android or iOS.

4. Slidejoy


We’ll be honest, we can’t stand obtrusive online advertising, but not everybody is so uptight about being sold to as they browse the web. If that sounds like you, then you might consider Slidejoy for Android, which will replace your phone’s lock screen with a “beautifully designed” banner ad, earning you money regardless of whether you ignore or engage with it. Users typically earn around $5-15 a month after installing, which they can either credit to their PayPal account or donate to a charity.

Download Slidejoy for Android.

5. BookScouter


Finally, if your bookshelves are filled with old books and you can bare to get ride of them, then BookScouter is the best way to earn good money for them. Use your smartphone to scan the barcode or ISPN number of your unwanted literature, and the app will search book-buying websites to find you the best price.

Download for Android or iOS.

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