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5 Useful WhatsApp Tricks For Better Conversations


New to WhatsApp? Memorise these tricks and make the best of it

WhatsApp is one of the biggest tech success stories of recent years, rising to the summit of messaging app popularity following a $19bn takeover from Facebook. Now, the app has more than 600 million active users.

In spite of its enormous popularity though, there are still secrets to be unearthed to help you get more out of your conversations. Here are five tips and tricks for WhatsApp that you might not know about.

1. Hide “last seen”

For all the speed and efficiency of WhatsApp, sometimes you want to keep up with conversations without feeling the need to reply to every message right away. We get that. The problem is the app’s ‘Last Seen’ display, which politely informs your friends how long you’ve been online completely ignoring them. Oof.

Thankfully, you can turn this off and claw back some privacy. For iOS users, simply go to WhatsApp > Settings > Account > Privacy and set your it so everyone, just friends or nobody can see your last activity. For Android users it’s WhatsApp > Menu Button > Settings > Account > Privacy.

2. See when your messages are read

The reverse of WhatsApp’s default privacy settings is “isn’t it nice to know whether John Smith has read the important message I sent him?” As well as seeing when John was last online, you can also find out the exact time he read your message. iOS users can just tap the message and slide to the left to bring up their read receipts, while on Android it’s case of holding your finger over the message and then tapping the info button.


3. Saving Media

One annoying tick you may have noticed about WhatsApp is that it will automatically save any photos you receive straight to your camera roll. This is sometimes nice, but if you’re working with limited space you don’t want your storage taken up with endless pictures of your friends’ food. Again, this is easily fixed, just head over to your chat settings and switch the option that says ‘Save Incoming Media’.

4. Make public broadcasts privately

Sometimes it’s convenient to message a group of people all at once, but you don’t necessarily want them to know it’s an impersonal mass mailout. In Whats App, you can make public broadcasts private – just tap ‘Broadcast Lists’ which can be found in the top left corner of your WhatsApp chats window. Now make a list of the contacts you want your message to go to and type away as normal.

5. Backup your chat history

Finally, one of the best things about WhatsApp is there assurance that you’ll never lose your chat history – as long as you’re sure to back it up! iOS users can store important conversations in the cloud, choosing to backup daily, weekly or monthly by heading to WhatsApp > Settings > Chat Settings > Chat Backup > Auto Backup. Androiders, meanwhile, can manually save conversations and email them to themselves. To find the conversation you’re looking for simply head to the Databases section of your WhatsApp folder.

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