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3 fascinating podcasts to make you super-smart

Edutainment needn’t be a dirty word. Actually it absolutely should, purely because it isn’t a real word – an abomination in dictionary terms. But the concept is sound – sometimes, geeky as it may seem, learning new stuff is so fun that it doesn’t feel like it should be self-improvement at all.

Educational podcasts are wonderful for this. What better way to self-improve than by sticking some earphones down your auditory canal, and letting someone else do the hard work for you? So in the spirit of free, lazy self-improvement (something of a speciality here, though not one for the resume), here are our Top 3 Fascinating Podcasts to Make You Super Smart!

Stuff You Should Know Podcast

1. Stuff You Should Know

Covering topics as broad as ‘How do I start my own country?’ to ‘What’s the best place to get shot?’, Stuff You Should Know is great for giving you an overview of big topics presented in an engaging and friendly manner.

Our favorites include ‘How Muppets Work’, ‘How Homelessness Works’ and ‘How the Mafia Works’. But with hundreds of free episodes to download, you’re bound to find at least 20 or so which pique your curiosity. And just like that, you’re hooked.



Dan Carlin's Hardcore History

2. Dan Carlin’s Hardcore History

If Stuff You Should Know felt a bit lightweight for you, maybe Hardcore History will be to your liking – assuming you have a few hours to kill.

Each episode is densely packed with fascinating and brilliantly researched information on key flashpoints in history, viewed through contemporary eyes. A recent episode on the atomic bomb offered a fascinating insight into the mad common sense of Muturally Assure Destruction, but the podcast mainly focusses on the more distant past.



Astronomy Cast Podcast

3. Astronomy Cast

Helping listeners explore space and the cosmos, the show covers a huge range of space topics from planets in our solar system to the end of the universe, touching on the big bang and black holes.

Informing the audience ‘not only what we know, but how we know what we know,’ Astronomy Cast is always entertaining as well as it is informative, and at half an hour long, always leaves you wanting more. Unapologetically geeky, and all the better for it.

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