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Where is the most painful place to get a bee sting?


Flies like a bee. Stings like a bee. It’s a bee.

And it’s not where you might think

As Ray Liotta said in Goodfellas, everybody takes a bee sting sometime. Or something like that, anyway. Accidentally getting stung wasn’t good enough for PhD student Michael Smith, however, who actually encouraged bees to sting him 190 times all over his body, all in the name of science.

Did he literally get stung… everywhere?

The Cornell University student chose 25 locations around his body for the punishing experiment to find out where was the most painful spot to be barbed. Then, as reported the New York Daily News, he subjected himself to five stings a day for 38 days and ranked the pain associated with stings on his body parts from his upper arms to toes to testicles.

The most painful place by a nose

And the most painful place to be stung? According to the fearless student it’s on the nostril, ranked 9 on a scale of 1 to 10. This was higher than on the upper lip (8.7) and the penis (7.3).

According to The Independent, he said being stung on the nostril was “not fun” – well, there’s a surprise. He added , “Your body really reacts. You’re sneezing, wheezing. Your eyes are streaming”.

Listen to Michael describe the experiment to the BBC, and see if you can work out the method to his madness.

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The most painful place to get stung is on the nose.
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