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Coffee vs Beer

Coffee or beer? Two of the world’s favourite beverages, but with two very different effects on the human body.

These two sworn enemies have been duking it out in our digestive systems for centuries – with beer the firm favourite in the evening, before a very large, very necessary cup of coffee counters in the morning. It’s a delicate balance, but we’ve just about got it mastered. Most of the time, anyway.

To help settle the debate, the below infographic was designed by Japanese blogger Ryoko at I Love Coffee. As you can see, both beverages offer separate benefits in moderation – beer to spur your creativity, and coffee to give you the energy to follow through ideas. Too much of either, though, and…well, you probably know what happens next.

Coffee vs Beer infographic

This infographic comes courtesy of the I Love Coffee blog.

Photo: Radu Razvan/

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