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It’s the end of the world as we know it…

End of world body

And you feel fine, right?

You’ve got to love the internet, one minute you’re happily reading a story about a journalist who decided to join Tinder as a dog, the next someone is telling you that the end of the world is nigh. 

Major buzzkill!

This someone is Joe Hanson (@jtotheizzoe), who starts his incredible YouTube video, on his It’s OK To Be Smart channel, describing exactly how the world and the universe is likely to meet its end.

He begins by saying that if the age of the universe – about 13.8 billion years – was condensed into one day, our lives would be over in less time than a bat is in contact with a baseball. In other words, at least we’ll be long gone by the time the universe comes crashing down, as detailed thus:

100,000 years
Not a single constellation that we know today will be recognizable, as the position of Earth will have changed to such a degree.

500,000 years
Earth will experience a climate-altering volcanic eruption or be hit by a huge asteroid, something that happens more regularly than you think.

600 million years
The sun will be so hot that too much carbon dioxide will be trapped in Earth’s crust, meaning photosynthesis will be impossible for 99 percent of plants.

One billion years
All greenery and pretty much every living thing is gone and a super-hot sun boils the oceans away, leaving just bacteria. Eek.

7.9 billion years
Our sun runs out of gas, it starts to expand and consumes the inner planets Mercury and Venus, before deflating into a white dwarf. Chaos ensues.

110 trillion years
All stars will exhaust their energy and flicker out. As Joe puts it, “This is where the sky goes dark”.

Watch it all happen in the fascinating video below…

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