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The first meal on the moon was bacon

One giant leap for pork rind

One giant leap for pork rind

Pigs did fly!

On July 20, 1969, Apollo 11 landed the first humans – Americans Neil Armstrong and Buzz Aldrin – on the moon. At some point between Neil taking one giant leap for mankind and collecting 47.5lbs of space rock, the brave explorers had to eat. Did they feast on Muesli? Brown toast? Granola? No, according to news documented on Smithsonian, they had bacon.

The hog roast has landed

As Colin Schultz at Smithsonian points out, whether this was pre-planned or a spontaneous decision – a debate surrounding many moon-landing tales – there was bacon, nonetheless. The details are explained in spaceflight historian Amy Shira Teitel’s blog, Vintage Space, which says bacon was a staple on Apollo missions, including 11:

“It worked out that meal A, the first scheduled meal to be eaten on the Moon, consisted of bacon squares, peaches, sugar cookie cubes, pineapple grapefruit drink and coffee. They ate history’s first meal on the Moon slightly ahead of schedule after landing at the Sea of Tranquility.”

Did people become astronauts just for bacon?

Maybe. Such is the obsession with fried pork, as reported by Teitel, it makes you wonder whether some astronauts went into the job purely for the promise of tasty bacon squares:

“The next mission, Apollo 8, had bacon as a staple in every breakfast; each day started with either eight bacon squares or a serving of Canadian bacon with applesauce. And they loved it. On day two of the flight, Jim Lovell made a comment to mission control that echoed Cunningham’s feeling on the salted meat: “Happiness is bacon squares for breakfast.”

These days there’s a “distinct lack” of bacon for NASA astronauts, with freeze-dried sausage patties being the nearest thing, which, if you ask us, is probably why we’re yet to land a human on Mars. Shame.

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Bacon is nature's greatest achievement.
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