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Jurassic World’s dinosaurs more ‘scientifically plausible’

Maybe they'll upgrade the Universal Studios ride (pictured) to include actual dinos. (They won't.)

Maybe they’ll upgrade the Universal Studios ride (pictured) to include actual dinos. (They won’t.)

Remember when the original Jurassic Park was released, way back in 1993? Remember how killjoy scientists rounded on the film to tell us all how the science of bringing dinos back from the dead wasn’t very realistic? Seemed a pretty unfair target – we don’t remember anyone picking apart the equally implausible Barney’s Magical Musical Adventure – another vintage ‘piece du cinema’ that debuted that year.

Anyway, with Jurassic World’s release just around the corner, you’ll be pleased (or worried, we suppose) to hear that the advisor from all four films has claimed that the upcoming fourth installment is “scientifically more plausible” than its predecessors.

Speaking to the BBC, paleontologist Jack Horner explained, “We don’t have dinosaur DNA but we can make transgenic animals. The cool thing about making a hybrid is that we can take a whole bunch of genes from other animals and mix them together to make a new animal, which is actually more plausible than bringing them back.”

“More plausible”, we note, isn’t the same as “plausible”. Which should be reassuring for anyone terrified at the prospect of mayhem on the same scale as the first three movies (we’re sure the fourth will be fine, and lessons will be learned), except, does Professor Horner’s name sound familiar?

Very observant, if it does. Horner was in the news just last month discussing the idea of breeding a ‘chickenasaurus’ –  so that scientists can understand the behavior of the planet’s previous tenants. A big step forward was reached where researchers managed to include dino beaks on chickens.

Now, maybe it’s our cinema addled brains talking, but doesn’t a scientist playing down the realism of being able to breed dinosaurs, whilst simultaneously trying to breed a chickenosaurus sound a little… villainous?

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