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At last, a decent cup of coffee in space

coffee in space

“Space is soooo boring. I need a coffee”

Ever wondered why America has only landed on the moon once? Or how about how we STILL haven’t made it to Mars? We can’t know for sure, but we’re pretty it’s because of the lack of a decent cup of coffee up there.

Well, astronauts of the world rejoice! Engineers at Argotec and Italian coffee specialists Lavazza have joined forces to create a machine capable of making an authentic cup of joe in zero-gravity. While before now all drinks made in space came in a dry-powdered form to be mixed with water, the new brew of choice is ISSpresso – a proper coffee that uses sophisticated engineering able to function in microgravity conditions.

The name ISSpresso comes from the acronym ISS, standing for the International Space Station where it will be installed shortly. Okay, it might not be the most stylish coffee machine we’ve ever seen, but it’s a start.

“Italian coffee is a beverage without borders — comments Giuseppe Lavazza, Vice President of Lavazza — and we have been thinking about taking the espresso into space for some time […] Today we are in a position to overcome the limits of weightlessness and enjoy a good espresso — the indisputable symbol of made in Italy products — on board the International Space Station.”

Well, we’re glad that’s sorted. Next stop, Mars!

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