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The liquid that absorbs bullets

If your lab was under armed robbery, you'd be glad you put your research budget into liquid armor.

If your lab was hit by armed robbers, you’d be glad you put your research budget into liquid armor.

If we told you there was a liquid you could smear over your body to be bullet proof, you’d probably smile, nod and quickly back away before we could grab a pipette. But then, we’re not scientists. Fortunately, Polish scientists  have made a major breakthrough in the field of liquid body armor that won’t just block bullet, but also prevent shockwaves causing internal damage.

That second point is vital. Current body armor is pretty good at stopping bullets from penetrating the body, but the impact can still often be lethal thanks to damage from internal organs.

“If a protective vest is fitted to the body, then a four centimeter deep deflection may cause injury to the sternum, sternum fracture, myocardial infarction, lethal damage to the spleen,” explained Deputy Director for Research at the Moratex institute Marcin Struszczyk in an interview with Reuters.

“Thanks to the properties of the liquid, thanks to the proper formation of the insert, we eliminate one hundred percent of this threat because we have reduced the deflection from four centimeters to one centimeter.”

When a bullet hits the liquid armor, it instantly hardens, meaning that both the projectile and its shockwave are absorbed and rippled out through the rest of the armor. The result, the researchers say, is that this provides much higher levels of safety to standard Kevlar-based products.

You can the amazing technology in action below. Confident as we are in liquid armor, we’d still rather watch a video that try getting shot ourselves, thankyouverymuch.

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