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Slow Mo Guys – The slow motion duo who can’t get enough of explosions

What is it?

The Slow Mo Guys are Gav and Dan, two young men with a lot of time on their hands – or maybe it just feels that way as their explosive videos are filmed at uber slow frame rates. It’s a simple concept, but you’ll be amazed at how different the world looks at a fraction of the speed.


Why do we like it?

      • In the two years since they began making videos the Slow Mo Guys have blown up everything from melons and cereal bowls, to a red convertible and an enormous building. Destructive? Perhaps. But if Hollywood films have taught us anything it’s that explosions are cool and they’re even cooler in slow motion.
      • There’s more to the Slow Mo Guys than just blowing stuff up, they’re also interested in learning how things work. Okay, so that might involve finding a way to make the bottom fall out of a beer bottle – but they’ll do it wearing a lab coat to at least create the illusion of a scientific experiment.
      • Despite the high quality of the footage itself, there’s something nicely DIY about the presentation. The video series is brilliantly hosted by Gav and Dan, whose joke-filled introductions and geeky charms make their videos all the more unmissable.

One to watch

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