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SpaceLife jacket will help you live your astronaut dreams

moon jacket space astronaut

Like the old saying goes – haven’t been there, haven’t done that, haven’t got the T-shirt. But even if personal space travel is still but a distant dream, that shouldn’t stop you feeling like an astronaut on your winter commute.

As NASA prepares for its mission to Mars, you can now feel like one of the team with your very own SpaceLife jacket, designed to resemble the suits worn by Neil Armstrong and co. during the 1969 moon landings. As well as being well-equipped for any feeble elements you might come across on Planet Earth, the hood is kitted out with bluetooth speakers so you can pump in your own dramatic space soundtrack.

That’s not the only technology that’s been built-in either, there’s also a microphone enabling you to make calls back to mission control – or, y’know, order a giant pizza and sit around eating it in your shiny coat. Just make sure you wear a napkin too.

moon jacket space astornaut

The winter warmer is made from 210D trilobal nylon oxford, which is a fancy way of saying it’s super durable, flexible and bright.

It’s worth reinforcing that SpaceLife’s jacket isn’t actually space-ready, but few will be able to tell the difference. Simply wear this jacket to work and tell your colleagues you do some ‘space work’ for NASA on the weekends, then stand back and watch as they re-evaluate their impression of you in real-time.

Sadly, the ultimate space coat doesn’t come cheap, and one of these things is going to set you back €1,499 (US$1,840) on the SpaceLife website. So, if you want to feel like an astronaut – and earn the infinite respect of your peers – you better start saving.

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