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Video maps every asteroid strike since the year 2000

“Because we don’t know when or where the next major impact will be, our current strategy for dealing with Asteroid impacts is blind luck” – Ed Lu, B612 Foundation.

Prepare to be alarmed

While we searched for clips of cats doing unexpected things we took a wrong turn and found something not quite as comforting – a short video that lets you see the exact location of the 26 (26!) asteroids that have smashed into Earth over the last 13 years.

Are we doomed?

The video comes from the B612 Foundation and shows that, although age-ending, dinosaur-obliterating impacts are rare, large rocks from space hit our planet more regularly than we probably thought.

With this in mind, the organisation plans to build a telescope that will help us spot each Earth-bound asteroid, should one of them decide to aim itself at somewhere more populated than the ocean, and give us enough time to get in touch with Bruce Willis in a bid to deflect it.

So… are we doomed?

Most of the asteroids since 2000, we’re told in the video, explode at too high an altitude to cause damage to the ground. We’re then told in the next sentence that an asteroid large enough to destroy a whole city hits the planet once every 100 years. What’s more, the 26 strikes in the video were between 1 and 600 kilotons. The atomic bomb dropped on Hiroshima exploded with the energy of 15 kilotons.

Still, it’s worth remembering that around 70 percent of the world is water and asteroids have no aiming controls or inherent desire to land on a busy shopping mall, so we’re probably safe. For now.

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The asteroids are coming. We're doomed.
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