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Why does bacon smell so good?


This gesture is widely known as the bacon power stance

Few things smell as good as the scent of bacon sizzling in a pan on a Saturday morning – this much is a scientific fact.

If you asked us to explain the appeal of it’s salty aroma, though, we’d struggle to come up with a satisfying answer. Bacon smells awesome, yes, but why does it delight and torment us so? Thankfully, some scientists were on hand to help us out;

This latest video from the Reactions YouTube series is taken from a more detailed infographic from Compound Chem. Their research shows that there are 150 volatile organic compounds found in the smell of fried bacon, pinpointing aromatic compounds containing nitrogen such as pyridines and pyrazines as being largely responsible.

What does all that mean? Well, we’re not totally sure, but we’re struggling to think of any better focus for such careful and considered scientific thought.

Reactions has lots more videos like this over on its YouTube channel, getting to the heart of other entirely worthy issues. For instance, why does toothpaste make orange juice taste bad? Also, why do onions make you cry? Don’t know the answers? Well, now you do.

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Actually, I don't like the smell of bacon
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