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The world’s first climate controlled city

Mall of the world, climate controlled

Behold, the world’s first climate controlled city

As society continues to evolve, so must we prepare to embrace the inevitable. With climate control being fairly high on the political agenda in recent years, it has been deemed the sensible solution to create an artificial, indoor city where the climate is controlled to perfection. And who plays host to this progressively sublime idea? Well Dubai of course.

It was 18 months ago when plans were unveiled for the world’s first climate controlled city, which also features the much talked about Mall of the World, which will become the world’s largest shopping mall upon completion. Back then it was just an idea, but plans have been unveiled more recently disclosing further details as to exactly what this super city will mean for locals and tourists.

Property developer, Dubai Holding, is at the forefront of the vision for Mall of the World. It will span across 450-hectares, attracting over 180 million visitors each year. Not only will guests be able to shop, but there will also be a theatre district based closely on London’s West End and New York City’s famous Broadway.

The most innovative highlight, however, has to be the climate control. During the summer months, where temperatures can rise as high as 50-degrees celsius, the area will be covered by a retractable glass roof, creating the absolute perfect conditions for the millions of consumers that grace this spacious, futuristic institution.

Dubai president, Mohammed Bin Rashid, said, “We plan to transform Dubai into a cultural, tourist and economic hub for the two billion people living in the region around us, and we are determined to achieve our vision.”

Along with the tallest building in the world, we wonder which big money project Dubai will dream up next.

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