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Ze Frank’s true facts about life

What is it?

Since rising to internet fame back in 2001 with his viral hit How To Dance Properly, Ze Frank has become a phenomenon all over again with his latest YouTube series True Facts. The concept is a simple one, consisting of just a simple narration of fascinating scientific trivia in Ze Frank’s own hilarious style.

Despite their simplicity, each of the True Facts videos have racked up several million views. His secret? Well, Ze Frank is a master of online comedy – in fact, he’s given two TED Talks on the subject and now works as Buzzfeed’s Executive Vice President of video. Also, animals rule the internet and this channel is dedicated to them.

Why do we like it?

      • Aside from making us laugh out loud, you never finish one of Ze Frank’s True Facts videos without learning something. For instance, did you know that sloths can come with either two or three toes? Or how about that each year 50-80 people contract leprosy from Armadillos? Stay away from armadillos. 
      • Despite these insights, Ze Frank is no David Attenborough. His metaphors often purposefully miss the mark, such as this one on the quietness of owls: “If silence were loudness, they would be the loudest flying bird.” Brilliant.
      • As well as True Facts, there are a whole host of other great videos worth watching on Ze Frank’s YouTube channel. For starters, we recommend the Sad Cat and Sad Dog diaries, as well as Teddy Has An Operation. He joined YouTube in 2006, so there’s plenty there to get stuck into.

One to watch

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