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They Did What?: 

The first ever 4-person backflip

Well here’s something you don’t see every day – the world’s first four person backflip has been successfully landed at a live event in Western Australia.

Are you sure this is safe?

No, we’re not at all sure this is safe. In fact, the team behind the stunt – Nitro Circus – described it as “one of the worst ideas we’ve ever had.” They also admitted that it didn’t work with two people, while an attempt at a three-person backflip ended in “catastrophe”. So, that’s encouraging.

To make matters even worse, only one of the four people on the motorcycle is a professional stuntman. The others? They’re just a few randomly selected members of the audience who are either extremely trusting or extremely stupid. We’ll let you make up your own mind.

Despite the odds being heavily stacked against them, the foursome went on to complete the backflip without a hitch. It’s all very pedestrian when you think about it.

I want to see more!

If all of this 4-person backflipping has sent a rush of blood to your head, then it’s worth looking at some of the other stunts on Nitro Circus’ YouTube channel. We’re no experts on the difficulty levels of particular extreme bike tricks, but we’re fairly sure this one isn’t for beginners.

There’s also a full length movie of this stuff – Nitro Circus 3D – so if you’ve really built up a thirst for death-defying stunts, check out the trailer below;

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