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They Did What?: 

5 simulator games you won’t believe exist

goat simulator copy

Yes! This goat could be you.

Planes, trains and automobiles may have featured in the simulators of your childhood, but if you think that’s where this sub-genre ends – think again.

Gaming simulators have moved on, and they’re more diverse than you might think. Maybe it’s a clearer sign as to the kinds of people that make up our 21st century society, or an indicator as to the real dreams and aspirations of millions worldwide. Sure, you’re studying hard for that economics degree, but we bet deep down you always wished, on some level, that you were a goat. Right?

Goat Simulator

Go Explore fans will remember that we looked at this ‘game’ just a few months ago, and naturally, it gets a spot in our 5 most bizarre simulator games. Over three months later we still can’t really wrap our heads around Goat Simulator, but the second we watch another gameplay video we’re left in stitches. Other than a laugh-a-minute though, we’ll have to accept this game for what it is. A $9.99 opportunity to play the role of a demonic goat. Simple really.

Robot Vacuum Simulator

As innovative as they are, robot vacuums can set you back hundreds of dollars. If you’re strapped for cash and you want to experience life with a robot vacuum – well there’s a simulator for that. But why watch a robot vacuum when you could ‘be’ the robot vacuum? Robot vacuum simulator puts you in control of the much coveted device, letting you clean a pretend environment with a pretend fancy gadget, from the comforts of your ironically untidy room. If you ask us, the world has officially gone mad.

Soda Drinker Pro

The creators of this soda-drinking simulator brag about being able to experience what it’s like to drink a soda on the beach, in the park and in space. Now, we don’t think we’ll ever be lucky enough to crack open a can of Mountain Dew from the deepest darkest depths of outer space, so if this is as close as we’ll ever possibly come, then we have to say, they have successfully filled a gap in the market. That market being the human thirst for soda in unlikely places… But hey, it’s a market nonetheless. In which case, hats off to Soda Drinker Pro.

Make what you will of the Soda Drinker Pro trailer.

Rock Simulator

Umm. Yeah…Rock Simulator. We’ve included this one to show the sheer breadth of the simulator market and the direction in which it seems to be going. So here it is ladies and gentlemen – Rock Simulator. Before your imagination runs wild, no, you do not play the role of a rock, nor will you be raising the famous eyebrow like The Rock. Instead, you have the luxury of staring at different rocks across a variety of landscapes. This simulator is a startup project that was asking for $500 to get it off the ground. How much has it massed to date? Ready for it…$1,192. That’s a 238% increase from the initial target. So it looks like the people really want this. We’re not exactly sure who ‘the people’ are, and to be honest, we’re not sure we want to know at this stage.

Airport Firefighter Simulator

We close this thrilling simulator chapter with perhaps one of the most specific simulator games out there. Have you ever wanted to be a firefighter, battling harsh flames and devastating infernos? Sure, but more specifically, have you ever wanted to put your fantasy firefighting skills to the test in an airport, specifically saving the lives of just commuters and holiday-goers? Yes, we thought so.

Feeding this insatiable airport firefighting urge, Airport Firefighter allows you to do exactly that, summoning you out of the station to fight deadly fires, both day and night. Based on the video below, it does look as though the game could have some adrenaline-pumping moments…

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