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They Did What?: 

Your favorite movies as 8-bit games

What is it?

With their vast worlds and increasingly complex storylines, it’s often said that modern video games are becoming more like movies. Sometimes, though, don’t you miss the simple pleasures of the retro arcade? Enjoy the best of both with 8-bit Cinema.

Why do we like it?

      • Movies that get made into video games are usually the big-hitting comic book adaptations and all-action blockbusters, but 8-bit Cinema has a much wider scope. Cult classics such as Pulp Fiction, A Clockwork Orange and The Big Lebowski have all been given the 8-bit treament – reimagined with all the quirks of the SNES games you grew up with.
      • Although they aren’t playable, these mini-movies are loaded with just the right level of geeky detail – from pixellated versions of screen icons, to carefully designed side games and a nostalgic 8-bit soundtrack. The only problem is that once you’ve finished working your way through the channel, you’ll be dying to play through the games for yourself.
      • 8-bit Cinema is just one of the programs worth tuning into on the CineFix YouTube channel, which is jam-packed with must-see movie programming. Once you’re done with 8-bit Cinema, try Things You Didn’t Know and the Roundtable Podcast.

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