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8 castles for rent on AirBnb fit for a king or queen

Looking for somewhere extravagent to stay on your next vacation? Then allow us to point you in the direction of the many castles available for rent on Airbnb. That’s right, castles. We’re not talking about any halfway castles here or glorified manor houses either, these are full-blown fortresses of the kind you might see in a Disney movie, or that could conceivably defend you and your family from enemy attacks.

Sure, hotels might be more convenient, hostels are certainly cheaper, but a castle? Nothing says “I’m a delusional human being living in a fantasy world” quite like it. So, listen up Princess, and choose from one of these glorious holiday strongholds.

The 8 best castles on AirBnb

Castle #1 – Galway, Ireland


A lovely medieval castle with its own dungeon (link).

“Live like a king in my castle,” offers Peter, who has spent ten years refurbishing and refining this grand, medieval pile of bricks. Although only a single room is up for a rent, you’ll have full access to the facilities, which include a roaring fireplace, a pool table in ‘the dungeon’ and a library of DVDs. Don’t worry, there’s also WiFi.

Price: $175 per night (room)

Verdict: Peter’s got himself a castle to be proud of here, but he’s only renting out one room.


Castle #2 – Near Darlington, England


A proper castle with a dog and 16 members of staff (link).

What a magnificent castle this is. Built in 1841 as a “gentleman’s folly,” this regal-looking building has 15 bedrooms, and can offer exclusive access to its grounds for up to 30 people and 10 children. There’s also a ‘huge’ breakfast thrown in and around 16 local staff, so there will always be somebody on hand to stop you getting lost or knock you up a quick a sandwich.

Price: $170 per night (room), $9,840 (whole castle)

Verdict: Loses points for a ‘Keep Calm and Carry On’ sign in the bathroom, but wins it back for the on-site dog.


Castle #3 –  Toronto, Canada


A quaint Canadian castle with a convenient location (link).

This Victorian castle situated in downtown Toronto is the elegant setting for a number movies, TV shows and commercials. If it was one of the Spice Girls, it would be Sporty; complete with on-site gymnasium, outdoor sports court, fitness room and a playing field.  The description also notes that it’s located in a vibrant area with bars, restaurants and shops all on your doorstep. Just in case you want to spend nearly $3,000 on a castle and then go out for the evening.

Price: $2,585 per night (whole castle)

Verdict: No doubt a lavish castle, but it feels more like a wedding venue than defensive structure. Would surely crumble at the first catapult blow.


Castle #4 – Jaipur, India


A Luxury Jaipur castle with available camel safari (link).

The pictures look impressive, but the messaging is confusing. The Airbnb listing says, “Introducing Heritage Castle – a 150 year old Fort nestled in the palm of nature.” So what are you, castle or fort? Worryingly, there are also no reviews to verify its castle status.

Price: $150 per night (room)

Verdict: Sorry, we don’t pay these sort of prices for a room in a fort.


Castle #5 – Kiev, Ukraine


A gothic structure in the heart of Ukraine. Also has its own disco (link).

Now, this is more like what we had in mind. This gothic Ukrainian castle has the requisite number of gargoyles to be considered authentic, but also houses its own high-level entertainment complex and a disco. From the pictures, the space looks appropriately cold and gloomy, so you can while away the hours in the dank surroundings while appreciating the unique mix of ‘Middle Ages mysticism’ and ‘high-level entertainment’.

Price: $1,138 (whole castle)

Verdict: Almost perfect, but the absence of any reviews is a genuine worry. You may never leave.


Castle #6 – Fife, Scotland


It’s another castle. This time in bonny Scotland (link).

Sleeping up to 13 guests, this one claims to have been the location of secret Scottish parliaments, military sieges, and a safe haven for escapee monarchs. So, all the castle credentials then, and described as “an absolute must” by Airbnb reviewer Jens.

Price: $4,375 per week (whole castle)

Verdict: Solid.


Castle #7 – Bangor, Wales


A Welsh tower in a poetic setting (link).

We’re used to reading flowery descriptions on Airbnb, but this is the first time we’ve seen an actual poem written in the description. The listing for Helen’s Tower actually has two poems, which means it’s extra fancy, but does a tower meet our criteria?

Price: $403 for two nights (room)

Verdict: The Welsh don’t need much of an excuse to burst into prose, but this historic structure looks a worthy subject. Even if it is a tower.


Castle #8 – South Burgundy, France


Say what you like about the French, but they can build a very nice castle (link).

Oh look, it’s another castle. We’ve seen our fair share of these now, but we must admit those spiral staircases add an air of sophistication. Inside it’s a charming B&B vibe, and while it’s unlikely to stand up to an onslaught of trebuchets, there is a sandpit in the garden and the option for table tennis.

Price: $950 per week (whole castle)

Verdict: Castle-building at its finest. What it lacks in fortification, it more than makes up for with a dazzling variety of light entertainment.


All photos via Airbnb

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