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They Did What?: 

A roomba-to-roomba Gladiator battle

Roomba is more than just an autonomous robotic vacuum cleaner. When times call for it, the domestic cleaner can become dangerous opposition and will not shy away from combat.

In this imaginative video, we have the step-by-step concept and execution of a legendary Roomba-to-Roomba confrontation. So if you want to mimic this watch carefully and take notes. Here’s a taste of the action;


It all starts with having an abundance of free time, but factors like alcohol and after midnight hours can help make this experience even more fun. Attach a knife to the front of each device and a different color balloon at the back of it. The battle is a case of last Roomba standing, or better last balloon untouched.

In this video the fight between red and blue balloon is very close with the winner being … We’re not just going to spoil the fun for you! Watch the video above and see for yourself.

If you do try this at home please be very careful with the knives because any mistakes could very well turn the ‘Gladiator’ battle to a ‘Game of Thrones wedding’ and nobody wants that!

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