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They Did What?: 

Woah, Alaska Airlines has a pancake printer?

Fluffy pancakes at the mere  press of a button

Fluffy pancakes at the mere press of a button

Marek Szymanski is a saviour to all who travel by air. Alaska Airlines has a lot to be thankful for.

Waiting in an airport lounge can be tedious at the best of times, if only someone invented something to help us escape the humdrum of the stare-at-the-wall interval. Few of us can afford the luxuries of a first or business class lounge, killing time in the glamorous surroundings of a decorative leather interior and fancy cocktail bar.

Szymanski decided to create something that would bring a smile to the faces of all those waiting for that highly-anticipated boarding call. It’s a pancake machine. Scratch that. It’s a pancake printing machine. A machine that prints pancakes. A pancake printer!

It’s pure genius. Szymanski has a number of different inventions on the go, but this is by far one of our favourites. Alaska Airlines is claiming to be the first to bring the pancake printer to its airport lounges. So now, instead of watching that heavy-set guy wrapped in a fluorescent jacket launch cargo onto a plane, you can head over to the glorious pancake printer, and at the simple press of a button enjoy all the delicacies that Szymanski had intended.

So far there’s one in each of Alaska Airlines’ four Board Room locations, in Seattle, Anchorage, Los Angeles and Portland, Oregon. Perhaps more airlines should take a leaf out of the Alaska Airlines playbook on this one? BA, Virgin, Emirates, we’re looking at you. Sure you’ve got free WiFi, flatscreen televisions, trendy bars and expensive furniture…But we want pancakes. And we want them now (or at least while we wait for take-off).

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