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They Did What?: 

The animated GIF that you can see from space

This time last week we were considering the merits of a novel made entirely from animated GIFs, but today everybody’s favorite looping file format has taken another giant leap for mankind. Yes, animated GIFS are now so big that you can see them from space.

The concept comes from London-based ‘GIF-iti’ artist INSA, whose work combines physical and digital elements. To make his space GIF, the artist first painted four slightly differerent murals over an enormous 154,774 square feet space in Rio de Janeiro. He then used satellite images to capture each stage and edited them together into a seamless animated GIF. The process took four days, and INSA was aided by 20 assistants  to paint each image.

While this is by far INSA’s biggest work yet, his art has been displayed around at the world – both at street level and galleries like London’s V&A and Tate Modern museums. Find some more of his GIF-iti below;

Roskilde Festival, 2014


Tagging in London, 2013


Vintage Bentley GIF-iti, 2014


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