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They Did What?: 

Anyone else want to invest in a potato salad?

"I'm making potato salad"

“I’m making potato salad”

Potato Salad, believe it or not, is a Kickstarter from Columbus, Ohio native, ‘Zack Danger Brown’. It’s not some sort of trick either.  He plans to ‘combine a couple of potatoes, some sort of sauce-like agent and a few seasonings in a bowl where they can be mixed and eaten much like a salad’.

This comes hot of the heels of similar crazy Kickstarter stunts, including the Chicken Burrito by Noboru Bitoy, who initially set out to raise just $8 in order to buy a chicken burrito from his local Chipotle. He ended up with $1,050 and 258 backers.

Brown has also received overwhelming support for his Kickstarter. His goal was a meagre $10 and so far he has reached an unimaginable $7,845 with 1,161 backers at time of writing. Incredible.

Bet he wasn't expecting that!

Bet he wasn’t expecting that!

Brown’s stretch goals included throwing a pizza party if he reached $75, and even trying to create two different potato salad recipes upon reaching $100. Having now surpassed his newly created $3,000 target by some distance – Brown is planning to rent out a public hall and ‘invite the whole internet to the potato salad party’.

Other projects backed by Brown include, Draw like a Boss, Castle Story and Pulse Sensor. There’s still 26 days to go so who knows how far this potato salad will go?

Are there any risks for potential investors? Brown’s honesty knows no bounds as he claims, ‘It might not be that good. It’s my first potato salad.’

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