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They Did What?: 

Watch what happens when these babies eat lemon for the first time

babies eating lemons for the first time

Yuck! This yellow apple tastes disgusting

From first words to first steps – parents love to see their kids react to new things. One first that is less well documented, though, is a baby’s first taste of bitter lemon.

We’d like to tell you that there’s some scientific reasoning behind the making of this video, but the truth is that you just can’t beat babies’ reaction shots.

Like this, for instance…


Is that not a bit cruel?

The reactions weren’t all so extreme, with many babies more confused by the taste than revolted. In fact, Some babies wasted no time in sinking their teeth into the juicy yellow fruit, while others took a more ponderous approach or attempted to chomp through the peel.

All of this was documented by Toronto photographers April Maciborka and David Wile, who also published a series of photographs on the subject last year. The compilation video was shot in super slow-motion and lasts two and a half minutes, so all the reactions can be seen in their full excruciating detail.

The pair used a sample group of 30 babies for the citrus challenge, who were brought into a room with their parents and each handed one lemon slice to try.

Click play on the below video to see the grimacing reactions in all their glory.

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