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They Did What?: 

Build Your Own Bamboo Bicycle And Feel Smug Forever


Bamboo bikes start at $169, but you have to build it yourself…

Every child dreams of unwrapping their first bicycle on Christmas morning, so imagine the disappointment when they tear off the paper and to reveal box full of bamboo. “Yeah, you can have your bike kid, but you’re going to have to build it yourself.”

In what might just be the ultimate present for DIY dads and smug parents looking to instil a hard work ethic, Bamboobee is a crowdfunded BIY (Build It Yourself) bike kit that sells ‘some assembly required’ as one of its features. The package comes completely disassembled, with made-to-measure bamboo poles, hemp fiber, cable clamps and all the tools you need to put it together. Sure, you could buy your bike ready made, but imagine the feeling of self-worth and accomplishment! Right? RIGHT?!

Even if you’re having difficult seeing it, Bamboobee’s concept has proven very popular, raising $74,000 via Kickstarter despite its modest $15,000 target.


“But Santa, I asked for a bike. You’ve given me a job.”

You don’t need any particular DIY or carpentry skills to put together your bicycle, but it will take three days as you wait for the glue to dry at various stages. That should be enough time to pose for photos and stand around admiring your craftsmanship.

“What is more rewarding than to cruise down the road on a bicycle you built with your own hands,” boasts Bamboobee’s website, promising bicycle-builders will “gain a whole new cycling experience.”

With the Kickstarter now funded, you can buy your BIY kit now from the Bamboobee website. Bicycles cost $169 for the first shipment, which is expected to be delivered in February 2015.

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