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They Did What?: 

Is this the least appetising burger you’ve ever seen?

Talk about a 'limited edition'

Even the cheese is black

Believe it or not, this isn’t the first attempt at creating a black burger. The new Burger King Kuro though is the most successful black burger to date, featuring black buns, black slices of cheese and of course…black sauce!

How is this possible? Well, both buns and the cheese are smoked using bamboo charcoal, letting the colour infuse to give out a shade of black that is darker than a starless night. The sauce on the other hand is made up of onion and garlic mixed with squid ink. Mmm, delicious squid ink.

The methods used to create the black colour don’t only affect the burgers visually but they add a little bit of something to the flavour as well.

It looks very appealing! Or does it?

“Would you like to ‘go large’?” No thanks

As it turns out the craze for black burgers is not something new for Japanese burger lovers.

Starting with the Premium Kuro Burger in 2012, the following year Burger King went on to introduce Kuro Ninja that included a slice of bacon, leading up to this year’s Kuro Pearl and Kuro Diamond. Kuro Pearl just includes the patty, cheese and sauce whereas Kuro Diamond offers customers the chance to add extras such as lettuce or tomato.

The burgers will only be available for a limited time and we must admit they perfectly fit the profile of a ‘limited edition’ item. Disagree? Let us know what you think of Burger King’s Black burger in the comments below.

Photos: Facebook/Burger King

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