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They Did What?: 

Giant vending machine dispenses cars like soft drinks


Coin operated toy-ota

Buying a new car is exciting, but the horror stories of dodgy dealerships and slimy salespeople are enough to put anyone off. Thankfully, you can now avoid that process altogether, thanks to a new ‘vending machine’ dealership that dispenses your vehicle like a can of soft drink.

The five-storey tower of cars has been built in Nashville, Tennessee by Carvana, consisting of several robots to fetch your ride, three delivery bays and enough space for 20 vehicles. The company claims that you can be driving away in your new car in under 20 minutes, which would be a long time to wait for a candy bar, but seems pretty good for a brand new vehicle.

Watch the machine do its thing in the video below;

If you don’t like the idea of shoving thousands of dollars worth of quarters into an oversized vending machine, don’t worry – the payment itself is quite conventional. Once you’re done, though, the fun begins, as you’re supplied with a shiny coin to feed the machine’s slot and make your selection from the touchscreen display.

From there, all you need to is stand and wait, while your new wheels are delivered to your feet by a team of busy ‘bots.

Yes, fine, this is a massive gimmick – and as Gizmodo points out, it’s not even the first vending machine for cars – but given the choice, we know how we’ll be buying our next car. What about you?

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