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They Did What?: 

The cheapskate’s World Cup sticker album


Completing a World Cup sticker album is, as my colleague Kyle pointed out recently, a crazy undertaking. As someone whose lowest point during the 2010 World Cup was tearing into a box of 100 packs purchased from eBay in a fruitless hunt for the deeply elusive Nestor Ortigoza, I have decided to steer clear this time. Cold turkey for four years. It’s an unfortunate coincidence that the World Cup is held every four years.

For anyone who wants the thrill of a full sticker album, but doesn’t want the financial pain and environmental impact of tearing through hundreds of packets of stickers hunting for a missing Jozy Altidore, there is another way, though we’d shy away from calling it the easy route. Panini Cheapskates is a new blog that has taken on the challenge of drawing every single sticker in the 2014 sticker album in felt tip, crayon, pen or anything else they can get their hands on.

The results speak for themselves:




The genius part of this is that with the sticker album itself coming free (with six stickers we hope were ceremonially burned), the album should cost nothing but the cost of pens and ink. With soccer teams showing a lack or originality in their kit colors, expect the blue and red pens to require near constant refills…


Day one done, and 30 down. Just 609 to go in 30 days! You can follow the artistic project here. We hope to see extreme shortcuts taken as we approach the final, and they have their very own Nestor Ortigoza to track down…

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