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They Did What?: 

Concept Cliff House helps you to live ‘on the edge’

Breathtaking view!

A room with a view

Australian Architecture agency Modscape have taken the phrase ‘living on the edge’ to another level – a literal level.

Their concept designs of a house literally hanging from a rock are breathtaking to say the least. Billed as the Cliff House, this impressive design features a five storey house with astounding views to the ocean. Designed specifically for the wild and unique Australian terrain, the team at Modscape claim that its hanging home is “Inspired by the way barnacles cling to the hull of a ship, a concept was developed for a modular home to hang off the side of a cliff as opposed to sitting on top of it.”

The lucky owner of this one-of-a-kind house would enter their home through a parking space located at ground level and then descend through the different levels of the house using a lift. Awaiting them inside is a sophisticated, modern decor and an incredible view.

We wouldn't mind looking at that!

We wouldn’t mind waking up to that!

The company added: “The home is visualised as a natural extension of the cliff face rather than an addition to the landscape, creating an absolute connection with the ocean.”

The concept is visionary and the renderings look impressive but there definitely are several questions that arise when looking at the Cliff House. How safe is it in the event of an earthquake? How do you exit in case of an emergency that renders the lift defective?

So, would you feel comfortable ‘living on the edge’? Or did you prefer the phrase in its strictly metaphorical form?


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