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Connected coffin shows your social media tributes


Connected coffins – a good idea or dead wrong?

Let’s be honest, funerals can be a bit of a drag. But not with the Coffin of the Future. It’s fully connected, complete with external screens to show social media tributes to the recently deceased. Better hope people liked them.

That’s not all it’s capable of. This connected cadaver case can also show memorial slideshows featuring highlights from the dead person’s life, and colour-changing light panels so the deceased can pick their favourite hue. Because who wouldn’t want their coffin decorated with their favourite color?

It even has built-in speakers, so the eulogy can be played for everyone to hear. Well let’s be honest, the person inside isn’t going to complain.

You’ll be glad to know it’s onlya concept at the moment, mocked up by Perfect Choice Funerals. It’s supposed to show how the coffins of the next century will look, but we’re not so sure. It all seems a little undignified. Funerals are meant to be sombre affairs, not an excuse to jump on social media. We foresee a lot of oneupmanship, as people compete to show whose funeral they attended.

And what about all the tech involved? Would it be taken off the coffin before it’s lowered into the ground? Or would it all be buried along with the deceased? We’re not sure which is worse – the former would be time-consuming and undignified, the latter a huge waste of money.

Let’s hope they kill this idea before someone makes it real.

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