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They Did What?: 

DOOM: The game that time won’t forget


You see? All DOOMguy really wanted was a little peace

More than two decades after it first splattered onto our screens in all of its gory glory, somehow we’re still talking about DOOM. Back then it was making headlines for graphic violence, as the cartoonish quantities of sprayed demon blood shocked parents and delighted gamers in equal measure. Add an iconic, sinister soundtrack and DOOM’s realistic first-person perspective, and you’ve got a game that – despite its limitations – somehow felt both terrifying and real.

That was then; a very different, almost unrecognisable era. 22 years later though, when the likes of Mortal Kombat, Grand Theft Auto and Gears of War have all taken game violence to new extremes – both realistic and fantastical – we should have better things to do than revisit this heavilly-pixelated world, in control of ‘DOOMguy’, a space marine who wasn’t even granted so much as a name.

And yet, here we are again, back on Mars wrestling with the planet’s hellish invaders in another updated version – and this time there’s a selfie stick. Yes, amongst the game’s usual arsenal of pistols, plasma rifles, chainsaws and rocket launchers, you’ll find stick for taking quick in-game selfies as you stand before your kill. If DOOM wasn’t already retro enough, you can even alter these screenshots once you’re done, choosing from a selection 37 vintage-styled filters.

The lasting legacy of DOOM owes largely to the modding culture which surrounds it. Although the game was hugely popular at the time (in 1995, it was said to have been installed more times than Windows ’95), the ability to make custom levels, characters and weaponry in the form of custom WAD files has given it unlimited extra lives. Interest around the game remains borderline obsessive, and an entire DOOM community exists to continually rejig is components.

So, before Insta and the Selfie Stick of DOOM, what are some of the game’s other memorable mods?

Fistful of DOOM

Perhaps our personal favourite DOOM mod is this slick western reboot, reimagining the original in the heart of the wild west. The original game’s engine is still intact, but just about everything else has been ripped out and replaced with saloons, stables and miles upon miles of unexplored desert.


Tragically, this Ghostbusters-style DOOM makeover was never completed. The creator had originally planned to recreate both movies using the engine from DOOM 2, but when you look at the attention-to-detail here it’s easy to see why it never got finished.

Batman DOOM

What if, instead of Mars, DOOM was set in the dark, fictional metropolis of Gotham City? This Batman mod is another example of a DOOM developer stripping out the original environment and replacing it with a different, but no-less recognisable world. To give you some idea of the detail here, just look at the list of characters that crop up mid-game.

Beautiful DOOM

Sure, there’s a grainy charm to the original, but wouldn’t you have more fun playing DOOM if it had a little more graphical flair? Yes is the answer, yes you would.

Still can’t get enough DOOM? Play it on an ATM

Or how about a Canon printer?

Now play it on this giant LED billboard

DOOMed out yet? We don’t blame you, but rest assured it’ll be back with a vengeance sometime in the near future. It always is.

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