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Heaven or hell? An IKEA sleepover

Ikea sleepover

How many times have you been wandering around an IKEA store and found yourself desperately needing some shuteye? Well that probably depends on your tolerance for inexpensive furniture with difficult to pronounce Scandinavian names, but if you have always wanted to have your own IKEA sleepover, well now’s your chance. Provided you don’t mind heading to Australia for the pleasure.

The furniture giant has collaborated with Airbnb – a service that connects travelers with privately owned rooms, and Australia has no shortage of those available. But how many of them offer Swedish meatballs to the guests? If we were to hazard a guess, we’d say less than 1%. But the IKEA Tempe location in Sydney will be doing just that for 12 lucky (right?) guests – three groups of four, who get to spend the night in one of the store’s three styled rooms. There’s a choice of ‘modern elegance’, ‘inner city living’ or ‘rustic charm’. If the guests don’t spend time running up the down escalator, then they’re not making the most of this once-in-a-life-time opportunity.

A ‘Once-in-a-lifetime’ competition?

And that’s what it seems to be: ‘once-in-a-life-time’ – the competition has only one night planned in: August 31. There’s one fairly big catch, incidentally: “By entering, you agree to be part of an event that will be covered by the media. Oh, and that you will be woken in the morning in a remarkable way. Nothing frightening—we promise!” The mind boggles.

“We’re truly excited to be collaborating with Airbnb to create something special that we hope will inspire Aussies to make the most of the spaces they have in their homes”, said IKEA Australia’s Marketing Manager Kristin Bengtsson in a Press Release, presumably forgetting that most people don’t live in a three story warehouse-like building with all-you-can-eat Swedish meatballs on tap.

But we can dream. We can dream.

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