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They Did What?: 

What if emojis were real?

Emoji have become ubiquitous in our texts and tweets, so much so that one startup is even creating an Emoji-only social network. But that isn’t the only way in which these colourful figures have invaded out lives, as explored in this cleverly realised mockumentary.

Inspired by Able Parris’s #emojidaydream project, the video from Dissolve imagines a world where emoji are integrated into our everyday lives. It’s narrated by longtime BBC announcer  James Gillies, giving the video a funny, faux-realistic tone in the style of David Attenborough.


Emojis turn sinister in the wild

Jon Parker, Brand Director of Dissolve, said:“Able’s images tend to be more surreal and fantastical, so I thought, what if we made them very matter-of-fact, as if Emoji were just an everyday occurrence in our daily lives? That’s how the ‘documentary’ angle came about.”

He added: “First, obviously, is that they’ve become easily accessible via keyboards on mobile devices. Secondly, because they make us smile. When you receive a text or tweet with emoji in it you know the sender took a little extra time to choose that character, or maybe combined characters in a creative and surprising way. So they’re like little gifts we send to each other.”

Watch the video above, and let us know what you think of it in the comments below.

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