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They Did What?: 

Forget Facebook, try The Emoji-Only Social Network


Be quick, or this could be your Emojli username

Fed up with Facebook’s ‘creepy’ social experiments? Yawning over Yo? Then why not try emojli? A new social network that ditches words all together and asks us to communicate entirely in emojis.

The emoji-only network has no support for words or type of any kind – even memes and hashtags are banned and usernames must be constructed from, you guessed it, more emoji.

London-based creators Tom Scott and Matt Gray claim that their platform isn’t a joke or satire, planning to launch the app in late July or early August.

But what can you possibly say in emojis?

A lot more than you might think. The Twitter handle @EmojiStory claims to speak fluently in emoji, Katy Perry created a music video out of them, and one Tumblr user went one further – retelling the entire narrative of Les Miserables.

These simplistic social networks do have their critics, though. One particularly angry The Verge reader claimed that the popularity of Yo represented the ‘decline of civilisation‘. That’s perhaps a little strong for an app that probably won’t exist come Christmas, but we can’t wait to see what they make of emojli.

Can you speak emoji? Sign-up at the emojli website now and reserve your username before all the good ones are taken.

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