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They Did What?: 

Fish are taking over this Bangkok shopping mall

fish takeover

The world’s greatest fishing spot?

This isn’t the first time we’ve faced the stark possibilities that non-human species will eventually take over the world; Hollywood, we’re looking at you.

We’ve seen apes, robots, aliens and even dinosaurs take their best shot at crowning themselves champions of planet earth.  In old town Bangkok, however, there’s a place where fish have literally taken over.

Thanks to the blog, Taste of the Road, we have become aware of the thriving legions of fish. The bizarre sight can be found at the former location of the New World shopping mall, a four-storey complex with an entrance tucked away down an inconspicuous side-street. In 1999, the shopping mall suffered a suspected arson, which resulted in a number of casualties. Astonishingly, it is believed that a rival to the mall was responsible for setting the mall ablaze.

Fish takeover

The first step to world domination!

So where do the fish come in?

During the fire, the roof of the mall was destroyed, thus letting enormous amounts of water in  every year. The mall had also been abandoned at this point, leaving a flooded basement floor as the lasting memory of a grand local shopping mall.

It is believed that in the early 2000’s, someone slowly began introducing a small population of both Koi and Catfish species to the newly formed pool of water. Perhaps unsurprisingly, the population of fish found the flooded basement as a perfect environment in which to grow and flourish. What was once an eleven-storey building has gradually become an urban aquarium.

According to author of the blog, Jesse Rockwell, the location is kept pretty quiet so as to keep visitors away as much as possible. Look hard enough, though, and you may just stumble across this rogue fishing paradise.

All images via Taste of the Road

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