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They Did What?: 

Freakiest snack food mascots

For this article we were planning to trawl back through the history books to dig out the most divisive (or ‘terrifying’) fast food characters of all time. Then two brand news ones popped up in one week! Let us know in our comments section whether you think they’re great or whether you’re sad that you can never, ever un-see them…

McDonald’s ‘Happy’

Comments which appeared (or ones that we can publish) under the official tweet that welcomed Happy – based on a Happy Meal box – into the world include “Why is he in pain?” and “I’m going to have nightmares”. From the company that brought us the Hamburglar, Grimace, and, of course, fast food clown prince Ronald McDonald, it’s fair to say the big M’s latest creation has divided opinion, with some commentators giving it a big thumbs up, and others literally screaming in fear. Maybe he’s just a little… too happy?

This lemon-headed child

Another cheerful chap is this lemon-headed child, the new mascot for Lemonhead candy. The company did warn this guy was going to take over its Twitter feed, saying “Just a reminder that starting on 5/18 all Lemonhead social posts will be handled by the actual Lemonhead, whose head is a giant lemon.” This still failed to prepare us for the shock we got when confronted with this monster. The tweet, chillingly saying simply “Hey”, was met with comments such as “Nightmare fuel” and “Thanks, I’ll never sleep again”.

Big Boy

big boy

Look at his eyes. What is he planning? What will he do if you don’t eat that tasty double-decker cheeseburger? He really wants you to eat that cheeseburger. Originating in 1936, the Big Boy chain – which now serves up delicious food to millions of people in over 100 restaurants in the USA alone – has always had its iconic chubby boy serving up that same classic sandwich. We’re not saying he’s evil, but then he did appear in the 1997 and 1999 Austin Powers movies as the disguise for the rocket ship of Dr Evil, so you can make up your own mind. Also… Look at his eyes!!!

Photo: Big Boy

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