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They Did What?: 

‘French Girls’ drawing app makes fun of your selfies

French Girls app 1

Is this what you had in mind?

Hey poser, did you really expect to get away with all that Instagram pouting and posturing without somebody taking you down a peg or two? Introducing French Girls, an app in which you submit a selfie and receive a drawing of it done by a complete stranger.

The drawing you get back could be flattering, but then again it could be very unflattering – that’s the luck of the draw. The app has already thrown up some hilarious results and has grown rapidly in popularity, with over one million downloads from the app store and counting.

Selfies are drawn by the app’s users, and sign-up requires you to get involved with both the drawing and submitting to share the work load. Think you can hide your face? Think again!

french girls app 2

Not even a face mask can hide you from the French Girls community

While the app has been available for some time, a recent update allows users to showcase their drawings with avatars and usernames in a news feed format. Like Instagram or Vine, you can double-tap your screen to like a post – with some of the most popular efforts showcased on the French Girls website.

Wondering where the French Girls name comes from? Thanks to the always useful Know-your-meme, we can tell you it derives from the ‘Draw me like one of your French Girls’ scene from the 1997 movie Titanic. Perhaps this was obvious? It went over our heads, at least.

Below, find some of the best selfie interpretations that we’ve found so far using the French Girls app.

french girls app

French Girls put the French into kissing, too

french girls app

The accuracy can be astonishing

french girls app

Sometimes the drawings can be touching, too

french girls app

If you’re going to send in a selfie though, beware of your background!

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