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They Did What?: 

Funniest Kickstarter campaigns that actually got funded

The crowdfunding site Kickstarter has hosted some incredibly successful campaigns, from the $10m pledged for the Pebble smartwatch and $8.5m for the Ouya games console, to the $2.4m thrown at Oculus Rift, which would go on to be bought by Facebook for billions. However, the following three campaigns prove you don’t necessarily need a high-tech innovation to rake in the dollars…

 1. Chicken Burrito by Noboru Bitoy

Burrito body

On March 7 2014, Chicago resident Noboru Bitoy set out to raise $8 so he could buy himself a delicious chicken burrito from his local Chipotle. He received 258 backers and raised $1,050. In return he delivered the promised Burrito Deliciousness Graph to his investors, rating the funded burrito as “Yum”. Genius.

2. Crystal Bacon by Greg Kiesow

Crystal bacon body

Another Chicago man (there must be something in the water), Greg Kiesow set out to raise $2,000 to create a “sculptural tribute to the most delicious of all meats, bacon”. He smashed the target by $786, enticing 49 backers in total. He didn’t even use crystal, but “high quality acrylic plastic that is both durable and beautiful. A true ode to bacon!” Thanks, Greg.

3.  Combat Kitchenware by James Brown

Combat body

When James Brown of Herndon, Virginia, set out to create a “fighting man frying pan” range for $7,000, he surely couldn’t have dreamed he would attract 651 backers to reap a total of $46,261. James, who claims to “crack eggs with a well-placed pistol and beat them with a mighty cordless drill” stated on his Kickstarter page “I am clearly insane” and warned: “Dinner is coming, prepare yourself”. We’d do as the man says.

– A special last-minute mention to Michael Barrett of San Francisco, who successfully raised $854 to create the world’s largest jockstrap. Michael, we salute you. 

Photos: Kickstarter

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