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They Did What?: 

The future of transport (as predicted in the 1940s)


In an age where self-driving cars are not just an idea, but already being built and tested, It’s easy to get carried away thinking about the future of transport.

When movies looked ahead to what’s next they predicted jetpacks and hover boards. Then there’s Mercedes, who as recently as January unveiled a slick concept for a self-driving silver bullet car that looks like something lifted straight from Tron. Let’s hope it has more luck bringing that to life than Google had with jetpacks.

As it turns out, we were just as enthusiastic back in the 1940s, when the Bohn Aluminum & Brass company distributed dozens of ads that imagined a series of weird and wonderful vehicles just over the horizon. 70-or-so years later, we might know a little better, but Bohn’s artistic renderings of our future commutes are just as brilliant to look at.

In the future, flights will come with flights of stairs…


An airport monorail service will be powered by propellor…


Firefighters travel in style in this streamlined stretch fire truck…


Traffic congestion is solved by motorways in the sky…


…and even farming vehicles will be streamlined for action


For more future transport visions from the Bohn Aluminum & Brass Corporation, see the full collection at Business Insider.

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