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They Did What?: 

Gamer edits himself into deadly King of Fighters battle

For most players, the pleasure of gaming is living vicariously though the characters on-screen, experiencing their adventures from the comfort and safety of your own sofa. Not everyone, however, is so easily satisfied.

Last year, two developers tried to make their Xbox games feel more real by hooking their controllers up to a blood collection system, sucking at their real-life bloody supply as they took damage within the game. Thankfully, Kickstarter pulled that campaign from its pages, but another gamer has found a safer way of adding himself into the game. All you need is After Effects and to have a lot of time on your hands.


The YouTuber used both his editing skills and his, errr, acting skills to plant himself into the PlayStation game The King of Fighters ’97. The result is a convincing blend of both the gaming world and real-life, as he delivers a series of unstoppable combos and deadly finishing moves to his virtual opponents.

Our fighting hero says he spent around 100 hours making the video in after effects, but it wasn’t just to get one over the computer; watch the video through to the end and he’s actually defeated. As for the option to continue, he’ll leave that for the next animator with 100 hours to spare.

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