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They Did What?: 

This giant robot can juggle actual cars


NASA has been at the forefront of major developments in technological and engineering excellence for as long as we can remember. However, a former member of the space group has put forward his dream of building a giant robot that is specifically designed to juggle Volkswagen Beetles into the air. Because, y’know, who doesn’t dream about that?

So if you’re looking to get rid of that old motor…

Dan Granett, a former technician at NASA’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory, has put forward extremely detailed plans for his ‘BugJuggler’ robot. Currently in the process of gathering funding for the ambitious project, Granett’s two-legged creation is to be 70-feet tall on two legs, with two arms capable of launching an 1,800-pound Volkswagen Beetle into the air and catching it as it descends. This all happens with the control of a person wearing computerised gloves.

Those who invest in the project will be lucky enough to be taught how to control BugJuggler (and possibly take over the world?), and Granett is setting the bar high with regards to the types of investors, citing Richard Branson and Red Bull as potential candidates who could benefit from the BugJuggler’s antics. The current estimated budget stands a whopping US$2.3million.

The collaborators on the project have recently set up a website that helps promote the BugJuggler, giving an extraordinary visual element to the current thought process behind the beastly machine.

The more appropriate place for the Bugjuggler to make an appearance would be at a Monster Truck Rally or any sporting event that takes place in a stadium. The BugJuggler will aim to blow the minds of live audiences everywhere and is expected to be ready within just eight months to a year, as most of the technology required is “already pretty established in the tech industry”.

Do not mess with the BugJuggler.

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