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They Did What?: 

This guy makes armor for cats and mice


All the cats will be wearing chain mail in Autumn/Winter ’14

With the war on dogs imminent, cats have decided to suit up in some serious body armor before heading into battle.

“But where is a cat going to buy a coat of arms?” – we hear you cry, and prior to today we may have asked ourselves the same question. That was before Redditors stumbled across Jeff De Boer, a Canadian artist who, it turns out, has been steadily building an extensive collection of armor for cats and mice.

Did you say armor for mice?

Yes. Yes we did. It turns out Jeff has been making this kind of premium quality animal armor for well over a decade, with the earliest dating back to 2001. This one is from 2006;

Armour for mice

This mouse challenges you to a duel. You won’t win.

Jeff admits on his website that he hasn’t found a mouse willing to model the armor, although he has tried it with one his cats – and has the scars to prove it.

Oh, and if you were wondering, the armor starts at $1,500 for mice, while cat armor will set you back at least $12,000.

Well, it’s certainly unique…

Unique is probably the best word for Jeff’s designs. Since graduating from Alberta College of Art and Design in 1988, he’s worked around other themes including amour for executives, steel cowboys and ‘space objects‘.

For more information on cat and mouse armor as well as his other designs, visit Jeff De Boer’s website.

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