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They Did What?: 

Disappointed by a bad movie ending? See How It Should Have Ended

What is it?

As much as we love watching big Hollywood movies, we’ve seen enough soppy happy endings to last us a lifetime. How It Should Have Ended gives you an alternative, creating beautifully animated parodies with a sideways twist on the latest blockbusters.


Why do we like It?

        • Movie characters always seem to take the long way around. Frustratingly, our on-screen heroes seem to spend the majority of the running time concocting an elaborate plan to catch the bad guys, when really they might have just turned up at the enemy’s base with a search warrant. Okay, so that might not make for 90 minutes of explosive screen time, but How It Should Have Ended has a lot of fun picking holes in writers’ logic.
        • As well as astute concepts for each video, the alternative endings are brought to life in stunning 2D animation.  There are also useful insights into the whole process, with making-of time-lapse videos to show how you can recreate the art yourself.

One to watch

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