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They Did What?: 

How to write hit pop songs

From The Beatles’ four chord perfection to a summer smash like Daft Punk’s ‘Get Lucky’ – simplicity is often at the heart of our best-loved pop songs. Putting this theory into practice, though, is rather more difficult – until now.

Comedian and musician Brett Domino has come up with a simple five-step guide to writing pop songs that will practically guarantee you chart success, and all you need it a bassoon.


Brett Domino, the next Jason Derulo

Okay, it doesn’t have to be a bassoon, but Domino suggests picking an unusual instrument for your instrumental hook because “you don’t want it to sound too good.” He also recommends listening to Jason Derulo for inspiration.

After guiding you through four more steps of invaluable advice, Brett completes his Jennifer Lawrence-inspired song ‘Sexy When You do That’ – we think it’s a masterpiece. If you’re in agreement, you can listen and download it to your heart’s content over on Bandcamp.

Want more like this? Watch Brett Domino covering the hits;

Daft Punk – Get Lucky
Pharrell Williams – Happy
OutKast – Hey Ya

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