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They Did What?: 

Indoor slide! Indoor slide!

Stairs are boring. There, we said it. Imagine a world where stairs weren’t always trying to spoil your fun. Imagine a world where you could wake up in the morning and not have to worry about missing a step and shattering your knee on your way down to breakfast. Well, that brave new world is nearly here, friends, and it’s thanks to the SlideRider. Weeeeeeeeeeee!

SlideRider body

“Good luck getting back upstairs again, buddy”

As reported by CNET, the home stairway “inside slide” for children, complete with safety bumpers to stop them (or us) sliding off into a glass cabinet or priceless vase, rolls up into its storage case at the top of the stairs until they’re ready to go again. Something tells us they’ll never stop being ready to go again.


The 160th time she’s unfolded the slide today

The invention of Trisha Cleveland of Minnesota, the SlideRider was submitted to Quirky, a site that helps inventors to make their designs a reality. The team at Quirky built the prototype you see in these pictures, and they’re now looking for a manufacturer to mass-produce it.

If this doesn’t get made by Christmas, it’ll be a sad year for everyone.

Photos: Quirky

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