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They Did What?: 

Hear the Jurassic Park theme played on a 3D printer

The humming and buzzing of a 3D printer might not sound like music to your ears, but with a little vocal coaching your Makerbot can sing with the best of ’em. Okay, maybe not quite the best, although with a few tweaks you can at least tune that racket into something resembling a recognisable melody.

The melody in this case is John Williams’ much-loved Jurassic Park theme, converted from a basic MIDI file into a g-code that’s compatible with machine tools. The melody was then isolated and programmed for the X and Y axes of the printer, which in turn played the familiar motif. As you might expect, the initial conversion was less than perfect, but with a few hours of fiddling in Garageband the singing 3D printer was hitting all the right notes. Well, most of them anyway.

Inspired by a classic printer hack which played the E1M1 music from DOOM (What did we tell you, it’s the game that time won’t forget), creator Andrew Sink posted the g-code on his blog for you to try at home. Although, “fiddle with it at your own risk,” he advises, because it wasn’t easy to get right.

In the meantime, you can also 3D print the T-rex head and stegosaurus used in Sink’s video by downloading both designs directly from Thingiverse.

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