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They Did What?: 

Can you live without the karaoke shower?


Singing in the rain

You love karaoke, right? Of course you do: you’re not a monster. And we can smell from here that you enjoy good hygiene, too. Well, how would you like to combine those two passions into one impractical, but irresistible package?

Introducing the Karaoke Shower, runner up at this year’s Odd Inventions Award. Along with your standard shower head and water nozzle (providing a choice of either hot OR cold water,) the Karaoke Shower is fitted with a frankly extravagant water-proof touch-screen, disco ball, lights and speakers.

Want to see it in action? Of course you do. Here’s YouTube’s very own mad scientist, Colin Furze (previously interviewed for Go Explore) putting Alex Clarry’s invention through its slippery paces:

Furze was amongst the judges for the awards, which presented two budding inventors £4,999 (~$7,617) each for the most popular ideas by gender, and an extra £2 (~$3) for the most popular of those. That winner this year was Emma Maskery, who decided that the standard microwave was too limited in its function, and came up with the Freezer-wave.

Rather neatly, this machine can freeze solids and liquids put inside, while also maintaining its traditional microwave functions. Rather less neatly, it’ll be slow going: the prototype Furze built, using two CO2 containers was freezing the glass of water in the machine, but would probably take a fair old while to turn solid.

There were over 400 entries in this year’s competition including two-way toothpaste, a security assault pigeon and the waterproof suit, for when you have a job interview but can’t resist the local water park. Last year’s winner was the toothbrush hat, designed to make the estimated 75 cumulative days we spend brushing our teeth that bit more manageable. And to look fashionable while staying on top of dental hygiene.

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