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LA engineering duo build hot tub cadillac

hot tub cadillac

The duo’s Cadillac hot tub is nicknamed the Carpool DeVille

Here’s something you don’t often see on your daily commute – a 1969 Cadillac Coupe DeVille that’s been kitted-out as a fully-functional hot tub.

Los Angeles-based engineers Phil Weicker and Duncan Forster have spent nearly 6 years converting the car, which they initially paid just $800 for as students in Canada. The works include installing watertight steering systems and using the car’s original V8 engine to keep the water at the optimum temperature.

Nicknamed the Carpool DeVille, the cadillac can carry up to 5,000lb of water on board which bubbles away nicely at a 102F.

Not content with designing the car of their dreams, Weicker and Forster now want to put Carpool DeVille to the test and see what it can really do. Their goal? To set a new land speed record for the world’s fastest hot tub.

Suffice to say there’s not a lot of competition for that record, but the Los Angeles pair are taking it seriously and hope to break 100mph milestone with their own hot tub vehicle. The duo even set up a Kickstarter to raise funds to race the car at The Bonneville Salt Flats, and have since surpassed their $10,000 target.

Speaking to the New York Post, Weicker said: “Nobody’s ever gone a hundred miles an hour in an open-air self-propelled hot tub while sitting neck-deep in soothing warm water. We aim to correct that mistake of history this August.”

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